The perfect time to sell you a pair of socks is right after you purchase shoes. The obvious reason is that your mind is focused on your feet.

In the digital environment, offers like free shipping on orders over $100 or “you might also like” suggestions help to drive the buyer to increased purchases. Face-to-face sales can be enhanced with packaging programs or “samples” to engage consumers in additional sales.

Vet-Kem needed to educate pet owners about flea control in their yards and homes. The Vet-Kem Hitchhikers campaign used a simple bag to increase the check-out discussion about integrated pest control and expand sales at the counter.

Three ideas for cross-sell promotions:

  1. Stay relevant when cross selling items. It should be an easy jump to the add-on purchase.
  2. Cross selling works best with excellent customer service – train your ambassadors and they will make the customer experience positive.
  3. Offering a price break for bundling is a great incentive especially for new product introductions.

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