In the past few years, video creation has evolved to ensure storytellers can create content that is compelling. Video no longer means huge budgets or exhaustive editing to create content. The end result is that companies have an opportunity to create incredibly feature-rich content to convey messages, train employees and reach target audiences.

Research has shown that 95% of people who watch a video remember the content for up to three days while if that same information is read, only 10% recall the material within 72 hours. Creating video to disseminate information also allows companies to control their brand image.

Celtic recently worked with client Central Life Sciences to create a new corporate brand video. The client sought a solution that would provide audiences with a quick overview of the organization, its mission and varied product portfolio for a wide range of industries and markets.

With the growing demand for video, here are three key statistics supporting the marketing benefits of telling your story through video:

  1. Be Seen: Four times as many consumers would rather learn about a product or offering through watching a video than by reading about it. Give them what they want!
  2. Be Shared: Video on social media is shared 1200% more than text and image-based content.
  3. Be Sought: Studies have shown that adding video to a website can lead to as much as 157% increase in organic search traffic.

See the new corporate video for Central Life Sciences here.

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