Blair Ciecko

Director, Branding

PR/Social provides clients with multiple touch points to help each client define and communicate their unique story, identifying the best channels and tactics for reaching the target audience.

In partnering with clients, Blair and her team employ authenticity in messaging, boldness in trying new things, and planning and discipline to ensure brand alignment through thick and thin.

Q & A

Q. Do you personally love social media?
A. Being busy with family and work makes face-to-face time with friends more challenging. My personal social accounts allow me stay in touch and to reconnect with people from my past. Having three boys and two cats, I‘m never at a loss for funny content.

Q. How has public relations changed?
A. With the advent of online content, everything is instantaneous. Companies need to be ready to react and lead the way for online discussions, both good and bad.

Q. Is content all about the written word?
A. Although well-crafted word choice is vital for SEO, adding video allows us to enhance the experience and showcase companies in new ways. Consider content a conversation with your audience that never stops.

Q. How do you unplug?
A. I love to get lost in a good book, but camping with our family is my real downtime. We love to relax in the mountains of Colorado without access to the online world. After a few days, however, I start to miss my connectivity.

Q. How do you keep up with the changes in social media?
A. Knowing that tomorrow will never look like it does today keeps my team open to what’s next. We work to trial new technology and see how it applies to client goals. Delivery must be poignant to really work.