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“My son is already a huge

fan of the Cubs -

I'm teaching him well!”

Meet Chris


Chris began his career at Celtic and has returned to take a leadership position as Director of Client Services.  Chris has a passion for his clients that is exemplified in his powerful strategy sessions and attention to every deliverable. He inspires his team to ensure campaigns are delivering real results to drive business forward. He shares his deep love for sports and family with clients as well.

Q & A 

Q: Do you have any plans for the summer?
A: My wife and I have been invited to a bunch of weddings. I’m looking forward to simply seeing everyone face-to-face. Some of our close family and friends haven’t even met my newborn son yet because of COVID restrictions, so that will be exciting as well. 

Q: What’s your perfect summer day?
A: Sitting outside on the deck, grilling, beer in hand and playing bags with friends. Nothing better than that. 
Q: What is your dream vacation spot?
A: I would love to visit Ireland to learn about the culture and heritage - I am in fact Irish. I want to understand my roots and where my extended family came from. 
Q: What keeps you busy in your free time?
A: My son has been a bundle of joy throughout these past few months. My wife had him when the COVID-19 pandemic spiked so, thankfully, he kept us quite busy throughout quarantine. Watching him change and grow has been very special in lock-down. 
Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: I really enjoy seeing the growth and impact we make on clients over time. We have successfully heightened product lines, expanded brands, and transformed products with high sales goals. Because Celtic’s has long-standing clients, I am able to celebrate these triumphs year after year both from a company perspective and a personal perspective.  


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