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Celtic Helps Daubert Chemical Increase Video Content Marketing

Video continues to become an increasingly popular content marketing tool. In fact, 86% of businesses say they do some sort of video marketing , and video uploads have increased by 263% since 2016. Video offers a more depictive way to tell stories and build brand credibility. This medium also offers plenty of tangible value, as 84% of marketers believe video has boosted lead generation.


Celtic leveraged the power of video to help Daubert Chemical tell its company story and promote its newest product development, Nox-Rust ChipShield. An on-site shoot was conducted, as well as in-depth interviews with Daubert’s team of experts. After the interviews, scripts and storyboards were created to accentuate the edited footage to create a compelling video package.

Celtic Chicago has the advanced capabilities to elevate your company’s video content marketing. We can professionally shoot, edit and animate videos to help put your brand’s best foot forward. Contact us today to take amplify your video marketing.

Learn more about the launch campaign Celtic created for ChipShield.

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