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Celtic Helps Client Exceed Lead-Generation Goals with Targeted Social Campaign

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Altosid IGR has been a leading brand in horn fly control for cattle on pasture for more than 45 years, but competition was creating new pressure in the marketplace. With ever-growing threats inclusive of less expensive competitive products, manufacturer Central Life Sciences determined that there needed to be a significant shift in its pricing strategy. This shift to a lower cost per head brought greater alignment to competing products in the market.

In order to create the greatest impact for the Altosid IGR price shift, Central Life Sciences wanted to educate distribution partners about the new pricing and then motivate the consumer audience of US cattlemen to understand price was no longer an impediment to implementing feed-through technology on their operation. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to generate new leads of potential product end-users interested in discussing the product with a brand sales representative.


Social media became a primary tool in the campaign’s end-user lead-generation effort. Celtic was able to leverage a dedicated following on Facebook and Twitter, and expand message reach with committed ad spend. Detailed targeting identified cattlemen in key states to receive a series of ads. Messaging and graphics were continually tested, addressing the multiple pain points facing US cattlemen. Overall, social media impressions grew by nearly 800% and engagement by more than 400% compared to the year prior.


All campaign ads drove users to a landing page that concisely delivered a key product overview while quickly bringing them to a simple form to request contact from a brand representative. Social media drove the second highest number of leads for a campaign that generated more than 1,200 in total, exceeding projected results and any previous lead generation effort for the brand.

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