"A content individual can discern the good from the delinquent voices in his head."

Meet Keith


As associate creative director, Keith is ready to take imagination head-on for any client. With experience in design and campaign creation, Keith aids in the process of developing the visual/animated side of a companies brand. ​Putting ideas to art, he has the creative mindset that fuels our client's brands. 


Q: What helps your creative process?
A solid brief. Ideas come from concentrated thought within, but the direction of that thinking
needs to be on-point.

Q: What is the favorite thing that you have designed/worked on?
I’ve worked on several animation projects that hit the spot. Wherever your imagination went, it could become a viable solution. The animated creation is unique and something that I have a passion for.

Q: What editing software do you use and is there anything you’d like to see different out of this software?
Gray Matter is an editing software for business-to-business companies that I enjoy using. I would love for there to be additional nitro switches for editing purposes. 

Q: If you were stuck on an island, what three objects would you bring?
Sun screen, a machete, and a dog named Skitters.



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