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"Sometimes, it's a hard world for the little things."

            -H.I. McDunnough

Meet Kurt


Kurt’s deft hand guides his team of copywriters, art directors, and production designers like a symphony conductor, inspiring them to consistently produce award-winning work. His raison d’etre is to provide an open environment where artists can collaborate and create.


Q. Where was the craziest place you had a new idea?
A. In line at the DMV. Talk about a great place to ponder all kinds of consumers.


Q: What’s the first step you take in your creative process?

A: Call together the team. It all starts with a great conversation. 


Q. Why is your face on a rock on your desk?
A. The staff presented it to me at a “milestone” birthday. Now I consider it a landmark – but they think I am……?


Q. After the brainstorm, how do you pick the final options to present to the client?

A: I like to tell a story with everything so the final options have to progress a story without being redundant. The best thing I can hear is "They're all great - I don't know which to choose."


Q. Where do you find yourself at peace with the world?

A: On the farm in Indiana. I guess it brings me back to my roots.