"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." -Miles Davis

Meet Lee


Lee leads Celtic’s client services team with a “roll up your sleeves” attitude. He encourages new ideas and suggestions because “you never know what may lead to the next great initiative.”

Crafty with budgets of all sizes, Lee is focused on simplifying processes and maintaining open lines of communication. He provides guidance and leadership to his team to create strategic direction that is realistic and aligned with client goals and objectives.

Lee is also Celtic’s Food team leader. See our Food Production work HERE and our Food Consumption work HERE.


Q. Are you critical of other consumer advertising?
A. I find I’m  drawn to campaigns that find a unique way to convey their message. Find that one single idea and then surprise the audience with new and unexpected ways to deliver it. Always curious to know what goals they’re trying to achieve.

Q. What is your secret to balancing numerous client accounts at a time?
A. I still rely on a list—prioritize at the beginning of each day and recalibrate as the day goes on. The secret is to budget time for the unexpected.

Q. How do you ensure you and the client are aligned on a particular strategic direction?

A: Communication is key. It’s important to set up goals in the beginning and monitor KPIs along the way.  Its common that goals and strategy may shift throughout however proactive communication will alleviate any setbacks.  

Q: Where did you gain knowledge in the food industry? 

A: I cut my teeth at Papa John’s corporate headquarters starting with point of purchase and direct marketing experience.   Food purchasing behavior and consumer habits quickly became a focus of mine. I have since been engaged with multiple food brands and enjoy every bit of it.