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Meet Marlene

"Great marketing starts with an understanding of the target audience and delivers messaging to meet their needs."

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For 29 years, Marlene has led Celtic by defining a culture of integrity and drive for excellence.

She is passionate about creating strong relationships between the client's marketing team and Celtic. Celtic works together to use industry knowledge and marketing expertise to create programs that drive ROI. She inspires each Celt to generate ideas that work across integrated platforms, deliver sales, and advance brands.

As a true hands-on leader, Marlene can often be found participating in creative and strategy brainstorm sessions.


Q: Is there a specific motto you lead by?

A: Continually strive to create new ideas for what's next. 

Q: What is one document you always keep on your desk?
A: The updated company org chart is always on my desk. In managing the people and processes, I want everyone to know their role. The org chart keeps me focused on where we are while I plan where we’re going.

Q: How do you finish your workday?
A: I usually create a list of firsts for the following day and leave it on top of my desk. 


Q: What do you strive for Celtic to be in 5 years?

A: First, we strive to keep innovating in our marketing solutions. We want to ensure our clients have the best opportunities to connect their brands with customers. In five years, we will definitely see an increase in the digital engagement with and intelligence we have about the target audiences. 

Q: Does the agency do pro bono work?
A: We support organizations that the Celts are passionate about. My passion is NPH USA, an organization that supports orphanages in Central and South America. In fact, my family includes Samuel who came from the NPH orphanage in El Salvador.