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Gravista and Centynal Synergized Launch

NAMA 2022 - Category 4: New-product Introduction

Little bugs can cause some monster problems for the stored grain industry. Celtic brought this concept to life to help create awareness around the problem facing the industry and help client Central Life Sciences introduce Gravista Insecticide and Centynal Synergized Insecticide, two first-of-their-kind solutions.​ The comprehensive "Monster Bugs" campaign delivered stopping power with a broad mix of tactics that included sales collateral; print, digital and broadcast media; video; social media; tradeshows and more.





Gravista Centynal - aired on East Arkansas Broadcast network stations
Gravista Centynal - aired on Brownfield-affiliate stations in IL, MO, NE, and KS
Gravista Centynal - aired on RFD Radio Network
Gravista Centynal - aired on AgriTalk

Radio Interviews

Interview with Warren McDougal; aired on AgriTalk
Interview with Bob Johnston; aired on AgriTalk

Digital Components

Display Banners | Gravista Ads

21-0388 Gravista Monster_160x600_static.jpg
21-0388 Gravista Monster_300x250_static.jpg
21-0388 Gravista Monster_300x600_static.jpg
21-0388 Gravista Monster_728x90_static.jpg

Display Banners | Centynal Ads

21-0388 Centynal Monster_160x600_static.jpg
21-0388 Centynal Monster_300x250_static.jpg
21-0388 Centynal Monster_300x600_static.jpg
21-0388 Centynal Monster_728x90_static.jpg

Native Advertisements

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Campaign Landing Page


Email Marketing


Social Media

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