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Amplify Your Social Media Content this Spring

Don’t you just love that feeling outside when spring is finally here? It’s still a little chilly, but the sun has been shining down just enough that tulips are poking through the cold ground and

getting ready for warmer days. There’s a collective sense of renewal in the air.

As a brand, you want your finger on the pulse of that collective feeling – springtime means it’s time to dust off the social media content you’ve been sharing all winter and infuse some fresh new ideas.

Here are just a few of the ways companies of any kind, from agriculture and chemical brands to food science, manufacturing, and everything in between, can amp up social media presence this spring:

Glam Up Your Product Photos

This is where a top-notch creative team comes in handy, but any refresh of this regular content will catch your customers’ eyes. Instead of sharing a photo of a plain bottle, box, or piece of equipment in a neutral setting, why not get an application shot of the product being used in real life?

Building up a library of product application photos provides a lot of mileage on social media. Share these high-quality images with a touch of graphic design from your creative team to really highlight product features and benefits.

Let the Audience Peak Behind the Curtain

Brands with a touch of authenticity soar on social media. Sharing behind-the-scenes photos or videos that give your audience a glimpse of how your products are made or how your company works makes them feel like part of the team, and will make your products a memorable part of their online journey this spring.

Testimonials and Infographics

Sharing photos and testimonials from satisfied customers goes a long way to encourage engagement and to build up brand trust. The social media landscape is rife with product reviews – make sure your best customer journeys, relationships, and stories are part of the conversation.

Don’t Sleep on Video

This may be the most crucial piece of advice we can share with you when it comes to refreshing your social content for spring, or ANY time of the year. Video generates up to ten times more engagement across social media than any other content, and watching videos is how most people consume information online. Share videos that showcase your products in action, provide how-to tutorials, or highlight your brand's values and mission.

Having a team like Celtic on your side can help you coach your team on generating this content for your specific audience! Give us a call, and let us help you refresh your social media presence this spring.


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