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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Perry

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meet Jacob Perry, our Digital Project Coordinator. When Jacob isn’t helping to create amazing websites for our clients, you can find him eating sushi in Logan Square or giving out his Spotify playlist recommendations (which are all 10/10).

Can you tell us what you do in 6 words? I help organize and build websites.

So, what does your day-to-day look like at Celtic? The majority of my day is spent solving problems and asking my very patient coworker Sam at least 20 questions. (That’s how you learn, right?)

You’re a very talented photographer, how did you get started? Well, my parents bought me a camera when I was pretty young and I just got hooked. I remember when I first got my iPhone we went on a Disney trip and in 31/2 days I took about 1,600 pictures. That was before there was the iCloud so I had to upload them all on my computer at night to have space for the next day. (The struggle was real before the iCloud)

You’re originally from small town IL (3,000 people). You made the move to Chicago 2 years ago, what’s the biggest change? What do you miss most about living in a smaller setting? I think the biggest change is the unpredictability. There’s a lot that happens that’s completely out of control. Stuff gets delayed (@CTA) and it can get overwhelming sometimes BUT getting high quality Indian food at 1am makes up for it all. The one thing I miss about small town life (other than the fam) is the sense of community— everyone knows each other and genuinely cares about one another.

What’s your fav part of your everyday workload? I actually really enjoy meetings. I like coming together to solve a problem and hearing everyone’s different opinions and solutions (we have a lot of opinions). From day one, my input was valued and I love the teamwork aspect when it comes to solving a problem.

You recently helped create a new video to introduce the agency, why do you think it’s important to have this kind of video? In this industry, I think it’s important to highlight the creative people behind an agency. I think clients want to work with a good group of people and be a part of the team. If you’re on the same page from the beginning and can get along with the team, the work will be the best it can be. (See what it’s like to be a Celt)

Time to learn a little more about Jacob with our “Lightning Round”

Fav Grammy winner? Kacey Musgraves Taco Bell or McDonalds? TACO BELL Beer or wine? Wine

Word association, GO! Chicago: Blue line February: No Twitter: Memes

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