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Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Hogan

Meet Jeremy Hogan, Celtic’s social & content director and resident pun master. During his eight years as a Celt, Jeremy has shown a knack for The Office trivia and all things content, from blogs to social media. When Jeremy (or J) isn’t leading the content team, you can find him at a Cubs game with his 2 sons or grabbing tacos in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood with his wife. Read on to learn more about Jeremy, his worst summer job and how his biggest pet peeve helps on the job.

What do your kids think you do? Well, whenever my 6 year-old does his impression of dad at work, he just bangs on an imaginary keyboard. (He’s not that far off)

What do you actually do at Celtic? As the director of the Social & Content division, most of my day is spent working with my talented team strategizing to help tell client stories through a broad mix of channels. Social media, advertorials, video scripts— it’s all about finding the right message and voice to get what we want across to our target audience.

You’re the chemistry team leader here. Were you an A+ chem student in school? I was always more drawn to language arts (math and science, not so much). But I’ve come to find that it helps in this role because my job is to deliver complicated ideas to audiences of all levels of understanding. If I can boil it down to a key message that I can quickly grasp, I know our audiences will understand it as well. (See some of our chem work here)

Fave part of the job? Our (dream) team is lucky to be so intertwined with all aspects of the agency. We work closely with the client services, creative, and digital departments to develop solutions for our clients. Working so closely with everyone means you’re involved in a ton of different things so it never gets boring around here.

What was your worst summer job growing up? I spent six summers scrubbing floors at elementary schools, but that was a blast compared to my six weeks at the gum factory.

Celtic summer hours are (finally) approaching, what are you most excited for this summer? Catching a ton of baseball between Wrigley Field and my son’s coach-pitch league and hitting beer gardens, street fests, and outdoor concerts with my wife and friends. (Ahhh, Chicago summers)

What would your last meal be? I feel like I’m supposed to say a perfectly cooked steak, but honestly, it might be tacos al pastor and a cold beer.

Biggest pet peeve? Even before I did it for a living, I’ve always been a stickler for grammar. It actually comes in handy when proofreading! (Who doesn’t love a properly conjugated verb?)

Time to learn a little more about Jeremy with our “Lightning Round.”

Brats or dogs? Brats Bleachers or seats? Bleachers (at Wrigley or Lambeau) Fried Oreo or funnel cake? Fried Oreo

Word association, GO! Content: Story Twitter: Junkie Donuts: Chocolate glazed, please (that’s 3 words)


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