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Employee Spotlight: Kurt Maloy

Meet Kurt Maloy, Celtic’s Creative Director and all-around fun guy. When Kurt isn’t dreaming up a new creative conceptual package or helping his team ideate words and pictures, you can find him sharing an amazing childhood story from Gas City, Indiana (you never ask to hear one, but you never turn down the chance to hear one) or watching his current binge show, Letterkenny.

Eye patch or glass eye? (Kurt came up with this question) Glass eye for the versatility but eye patch for the accoutrement— the patch becomes a piece of clothing but the glass eye is like jewelry. Final answer is eye patch.

What exactly do you do around here, Maloy? I praise, I console, I criticize, I embrace, I ideate, I accept, I reject, and I try more than anything else to be a nice guy so we can get !$#@ done.

I make my morning rounds (mornings would feel off if Kurt didn’t stop by), share stories— I love to make people laugh. Once all that business is taken care of, I drill down on what my team has to execute that day, go to meetings, brainstorm ideas, and of course, keep tabs on all things creative.

Any career highlights? A couple of years ago at an ag industry trade show, Temple Grandin stopped by to tell the team she saw our ClariFly® Larvicide ad in a magazine and how much it stuck with her. We have a smaller audience for this product, so the fact that someone like Temple noticed and remembered it enough to talk to us about it was huge. (See the ad here)

As a creative guy working at a creative agency, how do you fill the well? Movies, literature, and art. Art is a big one. Design is one of the best things done by mankind— design is in everything, I find it to be fascinating. I like a solution that is as easy as a drop shadow or the smallest little detail. Big concepts are cool but it’s the little details like when you just bold a word and crop in close that really makes things stand out.

Time to learn a little more about Kurt in this special food edition of our “Lightning Round.”

Best burger? Bill’s Drive-In Best slice? Gigio’s Pizzeria Best dog? Gene & Jude’s Best beef? Jay’s Best BYO? Wholly Frijoles Go-to place? Chief O’Neill’s Pub

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