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Employee Spotlight: Leanna Michniuk

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meet Leanna Michniuk, our Content & Social Account Executive and resident Jim Halpert. When Leanna isn’t drafting up new content, pitching to publications or posting to Instagram, she’s dishing out puns and giving out her latest podcast recommendations (all while drinking La Croix). Read on to learn more about how she kicks writer’s block and the 3 b’s to her perfect summer day.

In 140 characters or less, describe your role at Celtic. CONTENT. From Facebook posts to magazine articles and everything in between, I write a lot. (That’s 91 characters, we counted)

You start writing at 7:30 a.m. How do you avoid writer’s block and keep content fresh? Get up! Moving around definitely helps me get the creative juices flowing. When it comes to new ideas, I keep a mental notebook of things I’ve seen that grabbed my attention— from billboards to Twitter, content is everywhere. I ask myself, why did I stare at that truck when it drove past me? I try and channel that into new ideas. Good content is engaging and it’s my job to keep the reader interested.

From Lake County to Lakeview, what’s been the biggest adjustment between the burbs and the city? I now have a quarter collection for my laundry. Also- carrying your groceries two blocks home isn’t as glamourous as it looks on TV. (We look at it more like strength building)

Now that summer hours are in full effect, what’s your ideal summer day? My ideal summer day consists of the 3 B’s- brunch, beach, beer. (Battlestar Galactica)

If you had an office superpower what would it be? I would love to have everything proofed and my coffee mug refilled with a snap of my fingers. Proofing is such an important step in the creative process and coffee is just good stuff. (Leanna has a small red pen collection)

You’re the podcast recommendation plug, what’re you currently binging on? Oh man, anything to do with true crime. I’m about to listen to Serial again just because that case is so crazy and there’s so many small details that I’m sure I overlooked the first time around. There’s also a new show coming out soon about the case so I’m in need of a good refresh.

Time to learn a little more about Leanna with our “Lightning Round.”

Fave episode of The Office? Season 4, Episode 13. Dinner Party (That one night…) Most used emoji? Salsa dancer Cook or Carry-out? Carry-out, but eat outside

Word Association, GO! Summer: Rooftop Festival: Food Jams: All day

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