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Employee Spotlight: Lee Hillerich

Meet Lee Hillerich. Our resident Star Wars enthusiast, concert buff and avid coin collector has been our director of client services for almost 5 years, entertaining us through all of them. When this Louisvillian isn’t working with clients to get their ideas turned from sketch to reality or leading the Celtic Food Team here, he’s busy keeping up with his two young daughters and 4 year-old son, Shum Shum.

What did you want to be when you were 10? A Transformer. (We’re not quite sure why that one fell through)

We’ve recently been working on some fun videos for our client, Marconi Foods— with these short food videos trending, how do you keep them different and fresh? In a crowded and constantly evolving food space, it’s important to keep your brand relevant and top of mind. We wanted to take advantage of food industry trending short “recipe” videos however make one that’s unique and purposeful to our client’s brand. Placing an emphasis on how versatile their product is rather than showcasing a basic recipe was imperative. We took full advantage of our staff’s talents and created a unique design coupled with fun animation to convey the Marconi message. This resulted in a ton of likes via social and ultimately driving more traffic to their website. Marconi mission accomplished.

What’s the least used app on your phone? The Numbers App. (Lee is an “idea” guy – not a “spreadsheet” guy)

You’ve worked with bigger agencies in the past. Big vs. small – what are the biggest differences? In a boutique agency like Celtic, the biggest differences I see are in the way we work with clients and with each other. At Celtic we’re able to do a deeper dive with clients going into projects—we’re extremely curious, exploring every aspect of their business and industry. Because we work so closely with them, we have a better understanding of exactly what they need. When it comes to our internal side of the operation, it’s a plethora of team involvement.

What are you currently listening to? Sturgill Simpson – I love how he continues to reinvent himself.

Time to learn a little more about Lee with our “Lightning Round.”

Fly or drive? Drive Cook or carry out? Cook Doughnuts or ice cream? Yes

Word association, GO!

Pizza: Pequods Basketball: What time?

Thanks to Lee for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn more about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month.

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