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Employee Spotlight: Maddie Marx

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meet Maddie Marx, our Content & Social Account Coordinator. When Maddie isn’t drafting fresh content like blogs, social media posts, or advertorials, you can find her watching a Marquette basketball game with her buds or furniture shopping for her new apartment in Lakeview. Read on to learn more about what Maddie does at Celtic and what she misses the most about college life.

You’re about to make the big move to the city, what are you looking forward to the most and least? I’m really looking forward to exploring the city— trying out different restaurants, and just being in the hustle and bustle. I also can’t wait for street festival season (same Maddie, same). What I’m not looking forward to would be coin laundry and not having my mom’s cooking.

Only using a #hashtag, can you tell us what you do? #StoriesOnStories. Working in the content department, my job is to help tell our clients’ brand stories by creating interesting pieces people want to read in a way where the information is being retained as well as understood.

If you could grab a drink with any celeb, who would it be and what would the drink of choice be? I would have to grab a Guinness with Conan O’Brien. His podcast is one of my favs and I always look forward to seeing what celebs make an appearance. I’d love to bend his ear on what has happened throughout his career and, of course, get some scoop on all the celebrities he’s met. (We’ll be checking the mail for our invite.)

What’s your favorite part of your everyday workload? I love collaborating with different departments in the agency. Whenever I get to work with other Celts to help achieve a client’s goal for a project, it’s very rewarding. Bouncing ideas off one another is always fun— brainstorming sessions usually take an interesting turn. (Kurt, our Creative Director always keeps us on our toes.)

As a recent grad, what’s been the biggest adjustment so far? My nap game has suffered but my coffee game has really improved. Squeezing 20 minute naps in during the day is no longer socially acceptable.

What do you think is the biggest difference and similarity in managing a corporate social media page as opposed to your own personal? Biggest similarity would be that content is EVERYTHING. Baby and new puppy pictures are great, but your distant cousin doesn’t want to see a hundred of them. Same with a corporate page, know your audience and don’t blow up their feed with irrelevant posts. Biggest difference would probably be that it is a company page, tone, messaging and response rate are all things that really need to be paid attention to.

Time to learn a little more about Maddie with our “Lightning Round”

Burgers or pizza? Pizza all the way, specifically Ian’s in Milwaukee. Instagram or Facebook? Instagram Netflix or Hulu: Hulu Go-to karaoke song? Rich Girl, Hall and Oates (You’re a….) Most used app? iMessage Most used emoji? Party hat smiley face

Thanks to Maddie for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn more about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month.

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