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Employee Spotlight: Roba Elashry

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meet Roba Elashry, Celtic’s part-time intern and full-time PR & Advertising DePaul student. Roba is currently one of two students in Celtic’s internship program that operates year round, offering students an opportunity to gain experience with all of the agency’s departments. With her senior year almost coming to a close, Roba can’t wait to get started in the industry, taking all of what she’s learned at Celtic with her (including the best pizza places in MG). Read on to learn what she thinks is the worst part of being an intern and her answer to the very controversial question— Netflix or Hulu?

I’m sure you LOVE all your classes, but if you had to just pick one, what’s your fave? All-time fave was my Advertising Campaigns class. Starbucks became an official partner and the marketing director came to our class and presented their problem—they were launching a new health and wellness product and wanted to better position themselves in the healthy foods market space. For the next 10 weeks we worked on creating a campaign for them. My group made it to the top 3 and they actually used one of our ideas. It was super cool to see a campaign through and an amazing learning experience. (We’ll take a grande iced latte, please)

Best and worst part of being an intern? Best would probably be (other than hanging with us Celts) that I’m able to work on so many different projects and get to dip my toes in every department. One day I worked in the creative department and even though I don’t see myself doing creative, it’s awesome to learn what they do and see how the process works— how every department flows and works together. Worst part is since I’m here once a week, I’ll get really into a project and then won’t be able to see it for another week. It’s hard not to get invested in what I’m working on.

Spring has (somewhat) sprung! What are you most looking forward to do in double digit temps? Go to the Beach! I grew up in Egypt and I love the warm weather— my friends and I could tan all day long.

You’re the youngest in the office, advantage? I think I bring a fresh set of eyes to whatever project I get to help with. Since I’m not as familiar with the clients, I can share the perspective of someone seeing the information for the first time.

Favorite Instagram account? @TheGoodComedy— I love a good meme and my friends have started relying on me to supply them with the best. (Feel free to send over some of those memes to our Instagram @Celtic_Chicago) (#MemeGameStrong)

Time to learn a little more about Roba with our “Lightning Round.”

Most used emoji? Crying laughing smiley. (Accompanied by some great memes, we’re sure)

Sweet or sour? Sour

Netflix or Hulu? Netflix (classic)

Word association, GO!

Spring: Sun Coffee: Lots College: Am I done yet?

Thanks to Roba for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month!

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