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Employee Spotlight: Robin Doubek

Meet Robin Doubek, Celtic’s Office Manager. Robin’s friendly voice is the first thing you hear when calling Celtic and the first friendly face you see when walking through our doors. (We’re pretty sure she says “it’s a great day at Celtic in her sleep”.) Robin knows the ins and outs of this place, from who’s not going to be in the office to whose birthday’s on Friday. Planning meetings, keeping things organized and creating awesome office parties…Robin makes this place go! Read on to learn more about Robin, her amazing planning skills and her ice cream hack.

How many years being a Celt? It’ll be 8 years in June. (Get the candles ready)

You have four grandkids, what do they think you do? They think that I’m the office greeter and I’m always on the phone.

Fave part of the work day? All the calls mean I get to talk to a lot of people, which I love. (Can you tell Robin is a people person?)

Best summer job? I worked at a little drive-up ice cream shop when I was in high school. The most valuable lesson I learned was that if you make a little extra milkshake for the customer, you get the leftovers. (Genius. And….now we want milkshakes)

You’re responsible for always keeping this place so organized, what’s your secret? (We ask this question while surrounded by sticky notes and calendars) Lists, lists, lists! I have a list for everything and am always checking things off.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a cheerleader, I was one in high school and loved it. (She’s our Celtic Cheer Captain)

Biggest pet peeve? Repetitive noises, like clicking pens. (One day she’ll stop ordering the pens)

What would your office super power be? I would channel my inner Samantha Stephens and have a magical nose, Bewitched style. With a scrunch of my nose, poof! Supply orders submitted and a super tidy office.

Best vacay? Whatever vacation I’m currently on is automatically the best one. (Agreed)

You plan our office parties, what’s been your fave so far? My favorite one yet was last summer when we did a backyard grill-out with classic yard games. Seeing everyone run around and doing an egg toss was pretty fun. Not to mention the amazing weather and hanging out with everyone on our patio. (For a behind the scenes look at our events, check out our Instagram)

Time to learn a little more about Robin with our “Lightning Round.”

Tacos or pizza? Pizza, always Lou’s Book or movie? Movie Cone or cup? Cone

Word association, GO! Rain: Umbrella Friday: Weekend Phone: It’s a great day! (At Celtic!)


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