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Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Lawrence

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meet Vanessa Lawrence, our Client Services Account Executive and newest Celt. When Vanessa isn’t working directly with our clients to get stuff done, you can find her settling into her new apartment, planning her wedding, and getting ready to eat all of the cheese in Italy.

Can you describe what you do in 6 words? Communicate client needs to make magic happen. (We won’t count the “to”)

What’s the best part of your day in the office? I love attending different meetings and collaborating with different people. I also enjoy seeing projects come into fruition. There’s something very satisfying about getting a job done that you’ve worked on through every step of the process.

You’ve had quite a year (or 2), can you give us a quick timeline of events? After getting engaged in 2018, my fiancée went to Belgium to play pro basketball and I stayed in Greensburg, IN. He moved back to the U.S. when their season ended and recently took a job at Northwestern University, then I started at Celtic. We just moved into an apartment in Evanston and I’m so happy to be settling in.

Growing up on a farm, how has that influenced what you do here at Celtic? As the Agriculture Team Leader, my time spent on my family’s farm has really helped me here at Celtic. My family grows corn and soybeans, and produces beef cattle. Growing up in a rural community, I know the needs and overall trends, as well as how to best connect with the ag industry. I’ve always been passionate about agriculture and I love working with clients who feel the same.

You’re planning a wedding, anything you’re dreading? Finalizing a playlist and deciding on a dress. (Will she say yes to the dress?)

Rumor has it you’re going on a trip to Europe very soon— what are you most looking forward to? All things Italy. Food, wine, architecture— I can’t wait. Did I mention cheese and pasta? I’m a little worried about the jetlag but the cheeses will keep me motivated. (That’s how we get through our days too)

Time to learn a little more about Vanessa with our “Lightning Round.”

Wine or cheese? Cheese (was that even a question?) Chocolate or vanilla wedding cake? Chocolate, always (but no cake smashing) Instagram or twitter: Instagram

Word association, GO! Dress: Sparkle Italy: Rome Basketball: Big Ten

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