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The Reel Deal: 3 Reasons to Feature Internal Experts in Company Videos

Video is essential to showing your brand’s authenticity while delivering key messages effectively to modern audiences. This article is the first chapter in Celtic’s “Reel Deal” series dedicated to helping marketers tell their brand stories through compelling video.

Approaching a video project can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. There is a place for video with heavy production values, but sometimes a quick, easy, explanation is just what your customer may need to help them clearly understand how your product solves a particular problem.

The corporate interview – or “talking head” style video – is one of the most popular marketing video options and one of the easiest to produce. When done properly, it can also be among the most effective. Here are three reasons why companies should consider featuring their internal experts in promotional videos:

1) Be Seen: Videos increase your brand’s visibility. People are more likely to watch videos than they are to read an article. In fact, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. Social video posts, more often than not, will help you gain more traction than posts just featuring text and images. Statistically, videos generate 12 times more shares. Increasing the reach of social media posts can be directly impacted by including videos in your social calendar lineup.

2) Be Trusted: Videos help develop trust between a brand and its audience. Customers appreciate having a trusted voice that explains their options for them in a comprehensible format, like video. There is a real value in showing company representatives out in the field solving problems that are similar to those of the audience. This sense of authenticity was especially valuable when Celtic helped create videos for an agriculture audience. Seeing actual products being used by industry experts in the field and the end results resonated very well with the defined ag audience.

3) Be Heard: Videos easily convey thought leadership. Expertise is always valued and video content provides an opportunity to show what you know. It builds confidence among the audience for your brand. Videos also act as a great resource for problem solving. An easy-to-follow video that’s highlighted on your website and social channels will allow your customers to quickly find the answers to their questions, minimizing frustrations.

Celtic Chicago recently implemented these approaches and created a video series highlighting the Livestock Feed Additive sales team. These videos captured the thought leadership of the sales team, highlighting their knowledge and expertise on a number of topics relevant to beef, dairy and swine producers. See one example of how these videos came together below and check back to the Celtic blog for the next chapter in our “Reel Deal” series.


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