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Top 3 Reasons a Social Media Package is Critical

BY: Jeremy Hogan, VP Social Content

"We want your attention."

That’s essentially what every company is saying on social platforms. But with the overload of information and digital opportunities, being seen is harder than ever.

Companies struggle with social media and digital program integration. The opportunity to reach customers through social and digital is great but the practical side of staying on top of the mediums is a challenge. Companies see social media packages as critical for:

1. Creating brand message continuity

2. Testing and optimizing messaging

3. Measuring connectivity to sales

Creating a user persona for each target audience helps document the journey to your brand. Posts and ads can be crafted with relevant messages that entice consumers to action. Through social and digital media calendars, ongoing, integrated messages can drive leads and ultimately connect sales.

Each message should be tested with specific call-to-action triggers and measurement goals. If a message triggers a high response, the program can be modified in real-time to increase engagement. Brand watch software can also be deployed to assist in tracking trends with potential customers and messages can be shifted to meet the market “chatter.”

Every message should have a call-to-action response and each should be measured distinctly to define the alignment and track conversions. We assign conversion ratings and optimize the program as we see increases in leads.

Celtic’s Social & Digital Team creates unique packages for message management. To discuss how you can utilize our team of writers and digital experts to measure success and generate leads, contact us. We’d love to talk.


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