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Words with Kurt: Part 1

As the Creative Director at Celtic, Kurt Maloy spends his 9-5 focused on how to build powerful brands through words and images with his all-star creative team. Kurt is also well known for having a new “word of the day” that he likes to share around the office. So, we asked our wordsmith Creative Director what his five current favorite words are in this edition of “Words with Kurt”.

Word #1 Verisimilitude

Please explain. Verisimilitude (pronounced ve-ri-si-mi-li-tude) is not only a lot of letters, but it also expresses a simple concept: similarity to the truth. When using this fourteen-letter word in writing, use it to be credible and convincing.

Did you know? Many fiction writers and filmmakers use verisimilitude as a literary device to give their stories an aspect of believability for readers and viewers.

Word #2 Canard

What’s the catch? Well, canard is basically the opposite of verisimilitude with a lot fewer letters and syllables. Simply, a canard is a rumor or piece of information that is false. Ladies and gentlemen, this is irony.

Word #3 Assuage

Keep going… This word is one of Kurt’s all-time favorites because it sounds like its meaning.

So, what does it mean? When you assuage an unpleasant feeling, you make it go away. We recommend assuaging the Chicago cold by drinking hot chocolate.

Bonus word! Who doesn’t love an added bonus? The word “mollify” has a similar meaning as assuage.

Word #4 Bellicose

Why exactly bellicose? “Them’s fightin’ words! Need it say more?”

Word #5 Turpitude

When should this word be used? Turpitude is a noun that means inherent baseness. Kurt recommends using this word when you don’t want anybody to know what you are talking about. Solid advice, Kurt.

Thanks for learning a word or two with us in this edition of “Words with Kurt”! You can learn more about Kurt and some of the fun things happening in the creative department in his Employee Spotlight.


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