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Stepan Chemical

Cultivating Innovation

Creating greater differentiation and engagement in the agriculture world was the goal behind the new brand of Stepan Agricultural Solutions. Through a well-defined branding process, Celtic was able to give greater meaning and purpose to the business by developing a more modern, human brand persona; speaking not only to the science behind the Agricultural Solutions custom offerings, but the people impacted. Stepan Agricultural Solutions blends experience and ingenuity to advance agriculture and cultivate partnerships that impact how the world grows through science.


With the support of Celtic, Stepan measured brand perception of those that were unfamiliar with their company and product offerings as well as those that have long standing and established relationships. Stepan and Celtic took a partnered approach to introducing their new brand to Stepan organization and the market. 


  • Internal and external research

  • Brand strategy and planning

  • Brand creative and messaging

  • Internal integration

  • Trade show support

  • Brand standards

  • Sales support materials

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“Bringing new chemistry to market is incredibly complex. Our chemistry team engages as early as possible so when the product receives approval, we're ready to provide research, naming, and strategy to the brand launch.”

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