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U.S. Tsubaki


U.S. Tsubaki came to Celtic looking to stand out in the crowded drum sprocket marketplace. Their mission was to establish a brand identity for its product, Dura Drum™, a path their competitors in the segment had not yet pursued. From there, we sought to establish Dura Drum™ as more than the only brand in the drum sprocket sector, but also the premier one. That’s where the tagline “The Superior Drum Sprocket,” was born.

We then paired our compelling and benefit-driven brand story with design elements that featured motion graphics and interactivity, as well as imagery that placed an emphasis on the forestry industry to cater directly to the product’s target audience. This branding initiative culminated with a campaign inclusive of a landing page, emails, social media and advertising campaign that helped further distinguish Dura Drum™ from its competitors.

  • Brand Positioning strategy

  • Brand Style guide

  • Launch plan

  • Advertising campaign

  • Social media campaign

  • Landing page and Email communications

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“With information flowing across cultures and markets, we are adopting visual education as a marketing tool to deliver increased customer engagement and propel sales. Our manufacturing team knows to do the hard work.”

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