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Vancive Medical

Elegant Solutions

Vancive Medical Technologies had an ambitious goal: to uniquely showcase the superiority of its BeneHold TASA wound care solution to healthcare executives, and to separately create brand affinity with converters and OEMs by reinforcing the benefits of industry partnerships. To accomplish this, Celtic created dual campaigns, with BeneHold using the elegant human form to highlight product advantages, and the corporate campaign speaking directly and intelligently to partners about the impact of Vancive’s solutions.  

  • Strategy and planning

  • International media planning

  • Corporate and Product advertising programs

  • Collateral support

  • Sports Medicine Conference poster

  • Trade show experience design

  • Web updates and design




Jeremy Hogan

Chemistry Team Leader & 

VP of Engagement

“Bringing new chemistry to market is incredibly complex. My team engages as early as possible so when the product receives approval, we're ready to provide research, naming and branding though to a full launch”

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