Vet Kem

Hitch Hikers

To regain shelf space and ignite product consideration among a new generation of veterinarians, Celtic rebranded VetKem, a 30-year-old flea premise product for dogs and cats. Focus group intel and veterinarian feedback inspired new packaging with a distinct color-coding system to assist clinic staff in easily distinguishing application use. The “hitchhiker” campaign reminded vets about the dangers of fleas and ticks reaching the family even when the pet was protected.

  • Market research

  • Rebranding and logo development

  • Packaging

  • Tradeshow

  • Veterinarian ad campaign development

  • Video

  • Media strategy and management


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Danielle Vitogiannes

Pet Team Leader & 

VP of Experience

“From high-quality food to lifestyle enhancements, pet owners are willing to spend more on their pets and want to align with brands that foster meaningful relationships”

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