Legacy of Control

When you’re the industry leader, there is an expectation for innovation. We launched the Zoëcon Legacy campaign to reinforce a leadership position and introduce the industry to new product innovations driving brand category including a new line of natural products. The campaign revealed the breadth of products and connected pain points to solutions with a new generation of technicians.

  • Strategy and planning

  • Media planning

  • Advertising campaign

  • Web site and apps

  • Social media 

  • SEO/Blogging program

  • E-newsletter/Marketing automation program

  • Collateral support

  • Trade show experience design

  • Public relations/Article development

  • Product videos




Jeremy Hogan

Chemistry Team Leader & 

VP of Engagement

“Bringing new chemistry to market is incredibly complex. My team engages as early as possible so when the product receives approval, we're ready to provide research, naming and branding though to a full launch”

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