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At Celtic, we're deeply immersed in the agriculture, chemistry, food, manufacturing, and pet industries. Our specialization is our secret weapon, allowing us to create relatable conversations that resonate with your audience, from farmers and chemists to food scientists and manufacturers. We speak your industry's language, and craft strategies that engage with these audiences in a meaningful way.

We're making waves that leave a ripple effect across multiple industries


Expertise Equals Excellence

We’re experts when it comes to connecting consumers to products and can develop captivating campaigns that keep them coming back.

We know an atom from an alloy, and we take pride in building chemistry with you to form the tightest bond possible. 

Pet health

We get pets. We have pets. And our team knows how to create eye-popping campaigns that speak to fellow animal lovers. 

From procurement to packaging, we know what goes into food production, and we can build campaigns that bring your efforts to the forefront.

We’ve got the right mix of strategic and creative ingredients to create a winning recipe for you.  


Let's make something great.

Our team is always gearing up to assemble sound marketing strategies for our manufacturing partners.

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