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"Every day is a gift."

Meet Deb


Deb’s team begins each event by developing a thorough understanding of its purpose: Is the group celebrating something? Is the company rewarding work well done? Are they rolling out a new idea? Or is this a meeting exhibiting their products or services?

Once that’s been established, the team is off and running, drawing on deep experience to plan and execute every detail. From space scouting to contract negotiations, program development to travel, her team makes it all work seamlessly.


Q. What are the most beneficial association management events to attend?

A: The associations' management forum holiday showcase is the most meaningful event to my team because it allows them to network and meet representatives from various cities. It provides us with intel about hotels, tourism, and other opportunities for future meeting planning.


Q: When executing an event, what is your favorite part?

A: The ability to travel is the best part. During planning, we engage with so many people and then at the event we are able to meet face-to-face. Sometimes it feels like we have known them forever by the time we actually get to the meeting site. 

Q. Do you have a travel tip or habit?
A. I leave money on the pillow for my hotel housekeeper every morning. Their work is sometimes forgotten. As a mother of three teenagers, I so appreciate someone cleaning up and leaving me fresh towels.


Q. With travel at an all-time low and the limitations of these meetings due to COVID-19, how have you overcome this hurdle?

A: The pandemic has limited the meetings and canceled association events, changing the way organizations we able to operate. Using digital platforms, we were able to help clients meet in 2020. Being online has allowed us to engage with new people who may not have attended in the past. I see virtual and hybrid meetings continuing as we move into a more open environment.  

Q. When taking time off, where is your favorite place to travel?
A. Oregon, it's where my son recently moved, and it is all around beautiful. From coastlines to mountains the state has a little bit of everything. 

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