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A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.

Jeremy leads the content and messaging teams, manages video motion production, and oversees media. His leadership ensures consistent tone and personality across all communication channels, delivering campaigns that create an impact for clients and their brands. Jeremy works with his teams to drive engagement every step of the way from ideation, creation, scheduling, and monitoring with strategic oversight of channel value.



Q: How did you grow your background in chemistry? 

A: Since starting with Celtic, I’ve been heavily involved with chemistry clients. As a storyteller, it has been fascinating to me to dig in and ask questions to help better understand and explain the science behind these products. It’s also amazing to understand how these products improve our day-to-day lives in ways most people don’t even think about.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being the VP of Engagement?

A: I love working closely with Celts across all departments to find the best way to achieve our clients’ goals. As marketers today, there are so many tools at our disposal. It takes careful thought and strategizing to choose the right tactics for a given goal.

Q: In a content-filled world, how do you ensure a client's story stands out?

A: No one can keep pace with the rate that content is being produced and put out into the world, so “quantity” should never be the goal. Content can’t exist just for the sake of having something new to share. Regardless of the message, the length or the platform, the content has to have a purpose.

Q: Outside the office, what are you passionate about, any specific hobbies/interests?

A: I have two young boys that take up most of my free time, but it is fun to watch them pick up my passions. We love playing and watching sports together or listening to records with our weekend donuts. I look forward to exploring new restaurants and street fests with my wife and friends.

Jeremy Hogan

VP of Engagement | Partner


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