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Be curious about at least one thing each day...the unexpected may surprise you.

Jim is a Big Picture kind of guy, focused on helping clients identify their strategic and creative relevance—as he has for hundreds of clients over his 25+ year career. He manages a best-in-class team to create results-oriented strategic plans, unique creative and programmatic campaigns. His hands-on leadership ensures strategic alignment among agency services.



Q. What are three words to describe Celtic?

A: Passionate, curious, nimble. Passionate for our clients and how we can exceed their expectations. Curious about the ideas our team can develop and new clients we can form. Nimble in a flexible and adaptive way to the times and clientele's needs to help innovate and create strategies moving forward. 

Q. What do you like to do in your off time?

A. Much like managing clients at work, my off time is about managing the chaos of being surrounded by my girls – a wife, two daughters, and our shepherd mix.  With both daughters away at college, life is different but visiting both can be chaotic. When we are in need of downtime, we travel.


Q. What is the most important step in the yearly planning process?

A: Looking back to look ahead. When forming the yearly plan we need to assess the past and see what went right and wrong in order to move forward.


Q: How has your time at Celtic developed your yearly planning process, what has changed?

A: A clear process takes time, the strategic plan has evolved over the years to fine-tune it to customers' needs. Over time we were able to see what was useful/unnecessary in helping exceed the client's expectations. If you skip some of the processes the customer may not be fully satisfied. Working in stride with the client helps us understand the customer and if their needs are being meet.

Q. What is the quirkiest thing in your office?

A. I keep an apple on my desk in homage to my dad who was a grade school principal. But I really enjoy how much it bothers Danielle as it begins to wrinkle. She’s such a perfectionist.

Jim Heitzman

President | Partner


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