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For over a century, Flexco has been laser-focused on delivering top-notch belt conveyor solutions that turbocharge uptime, productivity, and safety. And when it comes to industrial baking, where every minute counts, Flexco’s innovations are a game-changer. With unscheduled downtime potentially costing a bakery over $50,000 an hour, our goal to spread the word about Flexco’s solutions was critical.


To get the message out loud and clear, we pulled out all the stops with a dynamic multi-channel program. From cutting-edge digital media to eye-catching infographics and social media blitz, we made sure everyone knew how Flexco could help them take control of their operational efficiency and calculate their own potential ROI.


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Taking Control: It’s All in the Numbers


Our strategy was to showcase the benefits of Flexco's Industrial Baking products by shining a spotlight on their value. This included educating the audience about the real-and often overlooked – costs of operational downtime. The numbers in this campaign brought credibility and clarity to our message, giving our audience solid evidence of how Flexco products can impact their operation’s productivity and bottom line.

To make these numbers stand out, Celtic developed a campaign with vibrant typography, colors, and animations, ensuring that the message is not only clear but also visually compelling. All efforts drove to a dedicated landing page with detailed case studies and an interactive calculator to help industrial bakeries determine their own potential ROI with the products.

Using numbers to illustrate impact is like painting a vivid picture of success.


Flexco had a goal: to catch the attention of industrial baking decision-makers, and what better way than through social media? Celtic created eye-catching graphics that pulled people into engaging case study content, showcasing real-life scenarios of Flexco's product impact in action. This approach gave decision-makers a firsthand look at how these solutions could revolutionize their own operations. Plus, by creating awareness through social media, Flexco solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Celtic wanted to get a rise out of industrial baking industry by leveraging social media channels.


To generate even greater demand for its products, Flexco leveraged a diverse array of media channels. Celtic strategically utilized digital media, and industry publishers to ensure the message reached its target audience at the right touchpoint. This multichannel approach not only increased visibility for its industrial baking solutions but also sparked curiosity about the case study scenarios that told a broader story about Flexco's innovative conveyor solutions.

We utilized strategic media partners to communicate the Flexco value proposition.


new leads


The campaign made a big splash, delivering over 370,000 media impressions in the first month and bringing in a whopping 400 fresh leads. Once we had our marketing machine in place, we started sending out more information to those interested in our products, keeping the conversation going. And on social media, we kept the education train rolling with cool infographics, spreading the word even wider.


The goal of this campaign was to enlighten the industrial baking sector about how their challenges affect production and showcase Flexco's solutions. We kicked things off by boosting brand awareness and swiftly transitioned to generating leads that the Flexco team could seize upon.

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