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Cleveland-Cliffs is a leading iron ore mining and steel production company, committed to sustainable, environmentally responsible practices. With a rich history dating back over a century, it's at the forefront of innovation, producing high-quality steel and iron products essential for a multitude of industries. As a sought-after employer, Cleveland-Cliffs is highly attractive to job seekers, with a strong reputation, competitive benefits, positive work environment, and values its employees' growth and well-being.

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Recruitment Campaign for Cleveland-Cliffs:

Increase visibility and attract potential job candidates to Cleveland-Cliffs' Middletown, Ohio plant.


Leveraging a mix of Programmatic, Re-targeting, Geo-targeting competitor locations, Billboard, and Radio to maximize reach and engagement over 4 months.

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Web Traffic:

The campaign ushered in 464,498 web visitors, marking an impressive near 10% YOY surge. Of these, 96,786 users specifically explored the careers page.


Device Preference:

A significant 70% of visitors accessed the campaign via desktop, underlining the emphasis applicants placed on the seamless completion of the application process.


Engagement Metrics:

Over the campaign duration, a massive 4,607,949 impressions were logged. Digital display and audio media alone contributed 3.2M impressions, pushing website clicks at an efficient 0.17% CTR. Remarkably, each display ad size received CTRs above or at par with industry standards.



The campaign saw an 82% viewability rate and average ad view duration of 20 seconds. Furthermore, visitors spent an average of 2 minutes and 9 seconds on the careers page.



The campaign boasted a 13.77% CTR and an economical $1.02 CPC.


Brand Recognition:

The considerable volume of brand term searches indicates job seekers' interest in Cleveland Cliffs, possibly influenced by awareness from other media channels. Meanwhile, non-branded term searches directed prospects to Cliffs' job openings and facilitated brand familiarity.


The comprehensive campaign not only maximized the allocated budget but effectively spotlighted Cleveland-Cliffs as a sought-after employer, driving both awareness and interest among job seekers in Middletown, Ohio.

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