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Pure Kick

Pure Kick


Pure Kick is the do-it-all drink stick, delivering the ideal blend of energy, hydration and bold flavor that kicked up plain old water. Jel Sert turned to Celtic to help get this 3-in-1 product into the hands of their younger, active target audience.


We developed an integrated brand campaign that informed our target audience of a product that was made for their high-gear, on-the-go lifestyles. With a bold brand backed by a new website and an engaging social media campaign, Pure Kick was positioned as more than a drink enhancer, but a sidekick in a stick for the pursuit of your passions.


Market Research

Creative Campaign

Media Planning

Website Creative

Social Media

Fueling Passions with Pure Kick


Pure Kick was made for the go-getters, the people who relentlessly pursued what they love. Celtic kicked off our branding journey by diving into the competition and pinpointing the product's key strengths. We honed in on what sets Pure Kick apart and built our messaging around a tagline that speaks directly to our audience's mindset: Fuel For What Fuels You. To bring this tagline to life, we paired it with captivating visuals of people living their passions to the fullest, ready to take things up a notch.

Creating an energetic brand for a high-octane audience.


We knew that a product like Pure Kick, meant for those who are always on the move, deserved a website that matched their energy. So, we built a digital platform that not only showcased Pure Kick's benefits but also delivered them in a way that was quick and intuitive for users. Our goal was to ensure that every click, scroll, and interaction was as energizing as the product itself, all while staying true to the brand's bold personality.

Developing a dynamic digital experience to match Pure Kick’s brand attitude.


An ordinary introduction wouldn’t cut it for Pure Kick. So, we rolled out a social media blitz that got our audience fired up about making Pure Kick part of their daily grind. The message was simple: whatever you’re pursuing, you’ll pursue it better than ever with this sidekick in a stick.

Motivating consumers by kicking social media up a notch.


At the heart of this high-octane campaign Celtic created for Pure Kick is the infusion of energy into your passion. With Pure Kick at your side, wherever you go, it serves as your steadfast companion, empowering you to unlock your full potential. Offering the ideal combination of energy, hydration, and bold flavors, Pure Kick stands by you as the ultimate sidekick, helping you reach peak performance.

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