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You know that feeling when you're craving a tasty snack but you're in a rush? That's where Crest Foods' 815Eats brand comes to the rescue! They've created a line of single-serving hot dips that are perfect for those moments when you need a quick and delicious pick-me-up in just 100-calorie servings. To spread the word about these delightful treats, 815Eats teamed up with Celtic to launch the "It’s an 815 Thing" campaign directed toward busy moms, college students, and anyone else who could use a little taste of relaxation on the go!




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It’s An 815Eats Thing


Celtic wanted folks to think of 815Eats as their own little slice of happiness. So, we came up with a brand campaign all about urging non-stop customers to hit pause and treat themselves to these scrumptious snacks. The audience quickly discovered that indulgence has never come this easily, and at only 100 calories per cup, sharing is definitely NOT required. 815Eats dips were positioned as the perfect not-so-guilty getaway.

Turning me time into 815Eats time.

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Celtic knew that the best way to connect with our intended audience was to create a relatable anecdote our target personas could get behind. Noisy kids wreaking havoc at the house? Chats and e-mails piling up at work? Dorm-mate trying out a new song on his guitar? We knew these people were seeking a way to unwind from the daily grind. The campaign showed that with 815Eats, a moment of peace and quite was just a quick dip away!

Developing ads that were loaded with flavor.


Celtic took this tale of tasty tranquility to social media, where we matched mouthwatering product photos with scenes of people finding their Zen. We paired these visuals with messages that let consumers know they could escape the chaos for a moment by diving into an 815Eats treat. Posts and graphics showcased all four crave-worthy flavor options for the dips while showcasing the perfect snacks to pair them with. The campaign made clear that a snack this flavorful and this guilt-free has never been more convenient – just fill, heat, eat, repeat.

Bringing the new me time to the masses.


This was a fun project that really required us to understand the motivations of our different user personas. Once we captured what would drive consumers to try this innovative new product, our Creative team brought it to life with relatable copy and beautiful design.

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