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Flexco Heavy Duty


Flexco has been in the business of providing leading conveyor belt solutions to heavy-duty operations like mining, aggregate, cement, and agriculture for over a century. But they knew it was time to up the ante. Enter Flexco Elevate® – a revolutionary IoT technology platform and monitoring device. Flexco Elevate® belt cleaner monitoring lets operations remotely gather critical data and perform real-time analysis to boost efficiency, with intelligence that grows over time. Powered by predictive, data-driven intelligence, this platform empowers operations to step away from traditional monitoring methods and embrace a future-ready approach.


Brand Positioning & Development

Launch Strategy & Planning

Campaign Microsite

Social Media/Blogging Program

Marketing Automation Program

Collateral/Sales Materials/Launch Kit

Public Relations

Trade Show Support

Infographics Series

Overview video

Upping the Ante with Game Changing Tech

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Celtic put the spotlight on how this technology would supercharge operational productivity and efficiency. We crafted a fully-integrated program inclusive of traditional and programmatic media, social and direct communications that underscored the importance of avoiding belt conveyor failure or unplanned downtime due to belt cleaner maintenance headaches. With Flexco Elevate in the picture, the days of on-site monitoring, manual inspections, and waiting around to diagnose problems were history. Instead, we emphasized how this solution gives operations greater transparency and autonomy. We told a story about empowerment and predictability, which led to installations across the globe within 90 days of launch.

Building momentum for a best-in-class belt cleaning system


Utilizing HubSpot during the launch enabled us to efficiently educate a diverse array of markets about this groundbreaking new technology. With the automation capabilities in place, we were able to segment our audience effectively and deliver tailored content that resonated with their specific needs and interests. As engagement with the initial content grew, the automation features allowed us to seamlessly serve up additional relevant content, extending the conversation and deepening the understanding of Flexco Elevate's benefits. This approach not only helped to generate interest and excitement but also fostered meaningful interactions and partnerships with potential customers, paving the way for successful adoption of the technology.

Celtic served up a buffet of content to an audience starving for more.

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Celtic took a bold approach to drive excitement and disruption among key C-suite executives by crafting a custom sales kit that left a lasting impression. At the heart of this kit was a compelling video showcasing the transformative impact of Flexco Elevate. This video effectively communicated the value proposition of the technology and its potential to revolutionize operational efficiency. To further enhance the experience, Celtic included a custom bronze desk paperweight, symbolizing the strength and durability of Flexco Elevate. This tactile element served as a tangible reminder of the innovation behind the product and reinforced its significance in the industry.

In order to captivate attention, we had to be bold.


increase in digital impressions


Beyond 41 million launch impressions, our strategy targeted and captivated the C-suite.


The Flexco Elevate launch was truly special—it challenged Celtic to create a brand and simultaneously commercialize it across diverse audiences, channels, and mindsets. This endeavor pushed us to new heights and showcased our ability to innovate and inspire on multiple fronts.


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