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3 Digital Strategies for Connecting with Customers

Every company knows how to pilot new digital initiatives in “normal” times, but very few do so at the scale and speed suddenly required by the COVID-19 crisis. As strange as it may seem, now is the right time to reassess and advance your digital initiatives. Here are three integrated digital strategies that have helped our clients get in front of customers in lieu of face-to-face meetings.

1. Social Media Your customers are already on social media, but these days, they are likely spending more time online. That means that there is a lot of opportunities to start running different social strategies than you have in years past. From paid spend to social media content calendars, Celtic has helped our clients shape messages about help, future trend analyses, and other relevant topics.

2. Live Videos and Webinars As a business in these uncertain times, you have the unique opportunity to provide helpful industry information to your customers. Videos help show off a brand’s range of knowledge and industry expertise through educational webinars and resourceful how-tos. From picking the right platform to use to planning and executing, building a video marketing strategy around education is key right now.

3. Email When it comes to building trust with your audience during this time, personalization is key. In fact, a study found that 41% of consumers switched businesses due to a lack of personalization. Recently, Celtic has partnered with multiple clients to shift their regular e-mail communication strategy to one that highlights the sales representatives. E-mails are personalized, written in each rep’s voice and feature the personal contact info for each rep. Across the board, recipients have been very receptive to the approach as open and click-through rates climb.

We’ve been working with our clients to find new digital strategies, opportunities for connection, and paths for conversion to help boost and strengthen relationships. From social media, blog posts, emails, and more, see how Celtic can help you shift and re-build your marketing strategy to help you connect with customers, virtually.


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