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3 Ways to Create Stopping Power Through Social Media Design

Social media continues to emerge as an enormous platform for marketers and advertisers.

Ad spending on social media is projected to reach $268 billion in 2023, making the platform an outstanding place to showcase a brand’s identity, insights and information.

But how do you get people to stop their endless scrolling on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and delve into what you’re promoting?

1. Make it move

Like everything else in today’s digital world of advertising, social media design is constantly evolving. New methods such as motion graphics are a great way to liven up your social content. Motion graphics are form of video content that primarily utilize 2D objects into live-action environments.

2. Shape your social

The use of bold, abstract shapes are great ways to give your audience something different to look at. It’s a great way to add dimension in an attention-grabbing fashion, and offers the opportunity to place emphasis on certain pieces of your messaging.

3. Keep dark mode in mind

It’s also important to create designs that are compatible with a smartphone’s dark display mode, as 81.9% of users are using that display. Dark mode can help reduce eye strain, as well as cell phone batter usage. Be sure to consider color schemes that can play nicely “in the dark!”

At Celtic Chicago, we lean into design for its stopping power to make sure we’re drawing greater attention to the messaging. This includes our efforts to position clients as thought leaders in their respective spaces or share key updates about the organization.

One recent campaign for client TH Foods is a perfect example of marrying the art with the message. We highlighted the company’s leadership team members, creating eye-catching graphics that feature statistics and compelling quotes from each leader on the company’s recent investment initiatives. We also implemented video to give the brand’s followers a deeper look into the investment initiative and hear directly from the TH leadership team.

Give your brand’s social media some more sizzle by reaching out to Celtic Chicago at


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