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A Brand Refresh Might Do You Good

Good branding sticks with you— it’s a company’s identity. It’s no wonder 89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is their most important goal. Everything a company puts out is a vehicle for its brand. From tweets and blogs to print and pay-per-click ads, it’s imperative to stay consistent through every channel to create an identity businesses can start to become familiar with, or better yet, remember. But, when is it time to step back and take a look at your branding?

Companies grow and change over time and it’s essential to pay attention and be open to it in order to stay relevant. It’s also important to know when to spruce things up a bit and refresh your brand to match this forward-thinking mindset. There are always small tweaks that can be made through time as a company evolves its audiences or product/service offerings. A branding effort can be as big or small as needed, depending on what the company seeks to accomplish.

When the Celtic team is helping our clients refresh their branding, we examine the company’s brand essence and all of its moving parts. We analyze things like core messaging, brand standards and creative, and everything in between to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done and what doesn’t. When helping to rebrand a company, one thing we find absolutely critical to success is having an “Inside Out” approach. This means internal employees of a client are involved in every step of the way, contributing their thoughts, and developing a personal connection with the brand. This way, once the brand/rebrand is ready to be introduced to the outside world, employees can represent and promote it with a higher level of familiarity and buy-in.

Celtic is currently working with NPH USA — a charitable organization that has provided a home for thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean — to create new messaging for the organization’s changing service model. Successfully adapting their brand to these changes means accurately and compellingly conveying the new messages and visual images across to the donors who NPH counts on to fund the nonprofit. Celtic is adept in taking on feats like these where reconfigurations of operations require an explanation to their audiences, while still having a personal feel that is emotional and connects with the target audience. For NPH USA, that means compelling donors to continue with the organization in a slightly different manner.

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