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Ambition Accepted

Our Celtic Cares program focuses on philanthropy, education, and employee events through entertaining, enlightening, and giving. Recently our theme was Ambition Accepted, where we encouraged our employees to learn something new from Udemy. Udemy is an online teaching and learning marketing place with over 100,000 courses to choose from.

As a platform that strives to bring people together, Udemy wanted to take a step further with its new brand. Their new logo captures a universal symbol for growth and an upward movement with the addition of an arrow they call the Uptick. With a vivid shade of purple, they are reminded of their promise to create possibilities and growth for everyone.

Our Senior Art Director at Celtic, Kevin Beauseigneur, shared some insight on Udemy’s new brand, "The Udemy rebrand is a wonderful upgrade. The bright color palette and contemporary imagery capture and convey the energy, empowerment and thrill of learning, teaching and bettering oneself. The icon is clean and clearly messages the Uptick concept focusing on upward movement and aspiration. The rebrand is a beautiful look and a beautiful visual statement of Udemy's higher purpose."

To learn more about Udemy’s brand-new brand, visit


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