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Asking the Right Questions Key to App Development

Mobile applications help organizations with customer service, brand awareness, customer retention and more which is why so many are looking to develop apps. But not all are starting with the right strategy.

To create a useful app, knowing the problem that is attempting to be solved will make the next decisions easier. Is your app going to be used as a customer service tool? Is it for new clients, existing clients or both? What will your application do for brand awareness? With these questions in mind, organizations should plan out how the application will be used.

When Celtic partnered with Zoëcon Professional Products to develop the organization’s Field Guide app, we began with a goal to equip the sales team and pest management professionals with the wide range of information needed to properly use the insect control products. Users can access information on products, pests and application treatments as well as useful resources such as dilution calculators for easy mixing. The application solves a problem familiar to those in the chemistry industry by condensing a binder’s worth of information into a handheld device.

Like with any marketing effort, creating an effective app must start with a sound strategy. By asking the right questions up front, companies can develop apps that fulfill an important need.


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