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Celtic Chicago Takes Home W3 Award for Website Redesign

Celtic recently scored a big win in the W3 Awards, earning silver in website redesign for our work on the new Marconi Foods website.

There’s so much more to redesigning a website than what’s actually seen on the page. That’s why we spoke with Danielle Vitogiannes, Celtic’s Vice President of Experience, to get her perspective on how this website came together and the impact it’s delivered for our client.

Website redesigns can be significant projects, what were the initial goals for this revamp?

We came into this redesign asking “how do we turn old into new, while maintaining that vintage vibe?” Marconi has been around for more than a century and has a large fan base spanning generations. We wanted to honor the brand’s history while presenting it differently.

What challenges did our team overcome in redesigning Marconi’s website?

There’s so much you want to say about an over 120-year-old company. Marconi has an incredible story. But you have to keep it succinct. Our goal was to tell that story as quickly as possible while keeping the site focused on selling products.

There are some really cool illustrations used across the site, what inspired those?

The illustrations had that old school Italian vibe that brought out Marconi’s heritage. It was something you would see on an old restaurant menu. It was playful without being cheesy.

What impact did this new website have for Marconi?

Marconi experienced a 100% increase in impressions and reach, more than 2,000 video views on their social, plus a 172% increase in engagement in just a few months.

From an internal perspective, the client was so happy to finally have a website that was easily manageable and streamlined their shipping and fulfillment processes.

What’s your favorite thing about the final product?

For sure the recipe videos. The Marconi team had a huge desire to showcase how else to use their products. They had a lot of recipes showcased, and we had the idea to create recipe videos. Did you know you could put giardiniera on a crescent roll? I didn’t until I tried the recipe at home and loved it. The videos add that extra layer of engagement for users. And we did all of those shoots completely in-house.

We also created a social campaign called #TopThis. We let users submit their own unique recipes of how they used the products.

What does winning this award say about Celtic Chicago?

We have an incredible website development team that is so strong in strategy, user experience and creative. We can create a complete and holistic experience that doesn’t just deliver words on a page, it creates an experience for the user. We also make it easy for our clients to have control of their site and keep it updated without struggle.

Marconi was wonderful to work with and trusted us to suggest ideas that were never considered before. Because of that trust, we all benefitted.

Looking to revamp your company’s online presence? We’d love to help. Contact us to discover how our web design expertise can fulfill your needs.


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