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Celtic Weighs in on Best Super Bowl Ads: 2019 Edition

Well, another one’s in the books. Like most of us, we associate the Super Bowl with greasy food, beer, and of course (our favorite), the ads.

Last year we gave some Celts the task of choosing their favorite ads of the night and to make their case as to why and how it impacted the audience. We asked them once again to make their case— here are the results:

Marlene: The Winner is Hyundai Touching on the hot button of car shopping, Hyundai wins hands down – or should I say elevator down. Rating the experience of buying a car below a root canal and jury duty, Hyundai promises a better option. Jason Bateman’s hilarious delivery gives us hope that car shopping is “going up” with their new Shopper Assurance program. Perhaps better still, the final reveal includes three easy points and a beautiful new Hyundai car. Car shopping made better should pique everyone’s interest.

Jim: The winner is Amazon, Not Everything Makes the Cut This commercial hit close to home for me. I always wonder if technology like Amazon Alexa could and should be used in other applications. Using humor and star power in absurd settings made me smile. Who can’t relate to what you believe is truly going on in the mind of your dog? I trust that my dog would order food if given the chance to do so. A mix of smart copy, great comedic timing and perfectly fitting music brought the simplicity and power of Amazon to life. This ad had it all… now I’m wondering what else didn’t make the cut.

Blair: Microsoft “We All Win” Wins Mircrosoft’s ad highlighting the ability of its Xbox adaptive controller to bring together and promote inclusivity between able-bodied kids and those with physical challenges is emotional and strikes just the right tone. For kids, video games are a cornerstone of social interaction, and the ad is effective in focusing on them as typical game-lovers whose physical limitations don’t need to hold them back. Great message and the personality of the kids really shines through.

Danielle: Bublé vs Bubly Michael Bublé (pronounced “boo-blay”) promoted Bubly (pronounced “buh-blee”) in last night’s Super Bowl lineup of 2019 commercial antics. Kitschy yes, but from a branding perspective…brilliant. The repetitive product name dropping gave me a chuckle along with Michael’s renaming of the can with marker. Kudos to Bubly for taking a light jab on naming conventions against Le Croix. Davé’s cameo wasn’t half bad either.

Jeremy: Social Media Winners With all of America glued to the television, some brands made a social media play for those of us with one eye on our phones:

MoonPie –After sharing fake, absurdist commercial scripts during last year’s Super Bowl, the brand known for its oddball social media comedy actually filmed some of them and shared them during this year’s game.

Kahlúa – With Jeff Bridges’ “The Dude” passing on his signature drink in favor of a Stella Artois, Kahlúa took to social media with a #SaveTheWhiteRussian campaign and sweepstakes.

Mental Health America – What started as a gimmick to earn a record number of likes for a nondescript photo of an egg ended up having a very uplifting payoff as it built to a big post-game reveal – a PSA for mental health awareness.

See the rest of the winners, according to USA Today here.


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