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Content Calendars Help Build Your Company Brand

BY: Jeremy Hogan, VP Social Content

Content calendars help build the foundation for marketing success. Here are three reasons a content calendar helps build a company brand.

  1. Ensures cohesive messaging throughout channels

  2. Allows for a campaign theme

  3. Highlights key dates and events

A content calendar creates marketing harmony by simply keeping all the messaging in sync. Social media needs to be relevant to your website, digital ads and other content. By planning out the content cadence and writing to each target audience, companies can create consistent messaging that builds brand synergy.

Campaign themes can help bridge content, giving the audience a familiar understanding of the brand message. Matching the brand essence to the audience’s expectations of your social media helps to create engagement long term. We expect Nike to inspire us, Starbucks to teach us about the world - make sure that your social program meets the expectation of your audience.

Content calendars also help keep key dates and events organized and marked for the writing team. To build great content, it is important to afford yourself the time for interviews, research and trend analysis. The content calendar will keep the team on base as they work through the process of writing, proofing and approvals for the entire social campaign. Content calendars also ensure you can incorporate events, product launches and brand campaigns into your posts.

Your overall brand campaign will be more successful if you start with a messaging strategy and produce a road map. It builds a progressive story with purpose and intent. From a strategic perspective, having a content calendar benefits overall marketing harmony.

Ready to build your content calendar? Contact Celtic Chicago to get started.


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