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Drawing Attention with Public Awareness Campaigns

Selling solutions can prove difficult if your audience doesn’t realize there’s a problem to begin with. This is especially true of marketing products in chemistry where the people ultimately receiving the benefits are often not involved with the purchasing decisions.

In cases like these, sometimes it helps to bring more attention to the problem that needs to be addressed to better position yourself as an expert with a solution. This is where public awareness campaigns can make a significant impact.

As a manufacturer of professional mosquito control products, Central Life Sciences offers a solution that benefits public health for all. However, the organization typically only interacts with a small group of decision makers driven largely by public funding. To provide a service to these decision makers, and engage the general public to demand more funding for mosquito abatement services, Celtic helped Central Life Sciences launch a public awareness effort.

The Mosquito Awareness campaign is now in its third year of educating the general public about the threat of disease mosquitoes pose and the vital role public mosquito control professionals play. The campaign has a dedicated social media effort relying on infographics and illustrations, and it has been supplemented by mobile billboards, public display ads in major markets, and even an 11-foot long mosquito sculpture perched atop a Chicago bus stop. All of the efforts promote awareness and drive traffic to a website to help users find contact information for their local mosquito abatement office.

Through the Mosquito Awareness campaign, the audience is armed with enough knowledge to ask themselves questions. Is there something I can do about mosquitoes? Are there people I can speak to? What can I do? This has caused people to be more aware of a problem and know how to ask for the solution.


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