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Embrace Storytelling for Difficult Customer Conversations

The best storytellers can take difficult topics and make them into more manageable tales. When clients ask us to make heavy subject matter feel light, Celtic strives to tell stories gracefully so that difficult subjects are approachable.

When dealing with a tough topic, there are ways to make the content easier to digest:

  1. Paint the picture. Visuals help create a world that makes viewers interested in the topic. Through color, design and typography, complicated topics are put into a format that make them easier to understand.

  2. Creative characters. If a subject is one that people don’t want to talk about, like planning for late-life events, get creative. Establishing a fictional character allows you to present real world examples facing someone the audience can relate to.

  3. Sustain the story. For the greatest impact, embrace the storytelling approach over a series of communication efforts. This will help create greater recognition among the audience and help them associate the story with your brand.

Athene, a leading retirement services company, wanted to tell the story of Benefit 10, a fixed index annuity product. The story of Benefit 10 is complicated, given both the nuances of the plan and the difficult future life scenarios it requires the audience to consider.

To tell Athene’s story, Celtic used a simple stick figure drawing and flowing, motion-filled illustrations to follow the story of “Sam.” The single-line drawing follows Sam through the winding path of life and the circumstances it brings to determine the retirement products right for him. The character, art and language make the story easier to tell, ultimately leading to more approachable conversations for the representatives selling the product.


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