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Employee Spotlight: Chris Lehr

Celtic is thrilled to announce Chris Lehr, former Celtic senior account manager, is back with our agency serving in a leadership position as associate director of client services. Chris will celebrate 8 years as a Celt and we had the pleasure to speak with him regarding a myriad of topics including: exciting new life updates, summer plans and his return to Celtic.

Welcome back to Celtic! How has the return been?

Because I know the people so well at Celtic, it’s familiar - kind of like riding a bike. For some things, I am picking up where I left off. Some clients just assume that I’ve been around for the past few years, which speaks to the trust they have in me! I’m thrilled to be back though.

Any exciting updates since you’ve been gone?

I now live in Naperville, Illinois with my wife and we have welcomed my ten-month-old son. He’s definitely been a bright light in the pandemic and keeps us busy with something new every day.

What attracted you to the advertising and public relations industry?

I think what attracted me to the industry was working with many different types of people and solving problems in a creative way. With all the options available today, we can make advertising anything we want it to be. I have the opportunity of seeing the growth of companies and building relationships with clients over time. Our team works hard to deliver campaigns that meet KPIs and exceed the client’s expectations.

If you had to set your dream dinner table - who would the three guests be?

I would invite Lou Gehrig - to discuss his career and better understand ALS. I would talk with my favorite singer Freddy Mercury. Lastly, I would invite my Grandfather because I have a LOT to tell him.

What movie can you basically quote start to finish?

Goodfellas - it’s a classic.

If you had a theme song what would it be?

“Only The Good Die Young” - Billy Joel

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Being the president of Celtic and running the company.

Thanks Chris for chatting with us and check back next month for another employee spotlight!


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