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Employee Spotlight: Lori Defranza

Meet Lori Defranza, one of Celtic’s art directors and our pasta cook-off champion. When Lori isn’t crafting new ideas for our clients, she’s busy taking care of her two young boys and the newest addition to the clan, a kitten named Ernie.

What do your kids think you do? My little one thinks that I’m a bug scientist. (Bugs are one of the many subject matters Lori has mastered while designing for our diverse client base). His teacher even thought I was an entomologist for a while before I filled her in. He was obsessed with grasshoppers this summer and at one point I had a collection of grasshoppers on my porch. I’m sure he was a little bummed when he realized I didn’t study bugs for a living.

What do you actually do? As an art director, I design brochures, catalogs, ads, conceptual packages and more— anything the client needs to make their brand look nice. No matter the product or audience, I try and tell the brand story with an eye-catching visual. (See a recent example here)

Have you met anyone famous? I did meet Ernie Banks at a Cubs game. We actually just got a new kitten and named him after Ernie! (Hey Chicago, what do you say?)

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. How was the feast? Thanksgiving dinner would be my last meal. Turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans are my fave. Everything but the cranberry. (We’ll agree to disagree)

What is the best part of your everyday workload? I love the diversity in what I do. I’m always doing something new for different clients. I might be working on a brochure one second, then diving deep into a conceptual package the next. There’s never a dull moment around here.

Tis’ the season for Netflix. Are you binge watching anything right now? I haven’t binged anything since “Stranger Things,” BUT I am obsessed with “90 Day Fiancé”.

Time to learn a little more about Lori with our “Lightning Round”

Best concert? Top 3: Luke Bryan, Eric Church and Rick Springfield Coffee or tea? Coffee, black Biggest pet peeve? When you let someone in while driving and they don’t wave (the worst)

Word association, GO!

Cubs: Love TV: “Meet the Goldbergs” Hate: Christmas shopping


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