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Let’s Meet Virtual

As the Coronavirus continues to be a serious health threat, companies and associations around the world are struggling with decisions about their conferences. Protecting members and stopping the spread of the virus are top of mind for a Board of Directors as they make the difficult decision to cancel important meetings.

Cancelling a meeting has deep ramifications both financially and academically. Where will attendees obtain the credits they need? How will companies introduce new products to market? How can the organization face penalties and refunded registrations?

Today’s technology offers opportunities to support education and to share information while eliminating the health risk of traveling and being in large crowds. There are many options for virtual presenting but here are a few to consider.

  1. A Live Streaming Conference: Here, the presenter will be live with their lecture and can verbally answer questions posted in the live chat from attendees. The speaker will share their screen and audio to provide the content for their lecture.

  2. A Semi-Live Conference: In this case, the presenter records their lecture and then as it is played during the conference, the presenter is online in the live chat function, answering questions via written response to engage with the attendees.

  3. Recorded Sessions: These presentations are perfect for information that needs to be shared at different times. Working with speakers, you can record their session and post online. YouTube offers a PRIVATE channel for attendees to login and view the sessions at their convenience.

The digital team at Celtic can help you define your Digital Meeting, working to assist speakers and engage attendees in a quality experience.


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